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Home Sweet Home

We are working everyday to make our products better to give you to most out of it. Today we launched our corporate blog at Matrix42 to stay in touch with all our customers, prospects and fans. Because of that this blog … Continue reading

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Real heroes…

… don’t need big explanations. Their actions speak for themselves, and this is especially true for our hero “MyWorkspace”. We invite you to read about his latest adventure: Become a real hero and check out MyWorkspace by Matrix42 right now. Register … Continue reading

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Sit down, that’s a fail!

Traditional software asset management is no longer good enough – and the cloud is to blame for it If traditional software asset management solutions were to go to school and had to undergo a PISA test, they wouldn’t have a … Continue reading

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Smooth Workspace for Everybody: Our Recipe…

For their fans, smoothies are their daily portion of health and fitness and even make them happy, because they can be made without specific cooking skills and combine the properties and benefits of their ingredients into a balanced and effective … Continue reading

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Workspace Boosters

While “workout boosters” with impressive names are much talked about in sporting circles, they are mostly ineffective; “workspace boosters”, on the other hand, are real winners. And why would you need such “workspace booster”? The answer is simple: to help … Continue reading

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BYOD = Bring-Your-Own-Device or Bring-Your-Own-Disaster? Part2

In part one of Bring-Your-Own-Device or Bring-Your-Own-Disaster blog I talked about challenges that I have seen in BYOD projects. The organizational challenges like Service Desk processes, License Management challenges and Tax issues are a lot of times bigger in those … Continue reading

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BYOD = Bring-Your-Own-Device or Bring-Your-Own-Disaster? Part1

In my last blog about the evolution of End-User Computing I briefly touched on the “Consumerization of IT” challenge. In this blog I want to drill down into the Bring -Your-Own-Device (BYOD) part of Consumerization. IT usually does not like … Continue reading

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The evolution of End-User-Computing – Survival of the fittest

In the last 10 years I have worked in the End-User computing space in different Product Management leadership roles. I have the privilege to talk almost daily with customers about their End-User computing strategies and consult them with my oppinion … Continue reading

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