Weekly Feature Update – CW29/2016

The MyWorkspace team is pleased to announce the launch of the following new features and platform changes:

  • Use Credentials for other remote apps as well
    Using remote apps from the same server or farm means that normally your credentials will be the same. In the past MyWorkspace required to enter the credentials when ever a remote app was used the first time.

    With the latest update of our platform MyWorkspace allows to re-use credentials for other applications. As soon the small checkbox “Use credentials for other remote apps as well” is checked the system is re-using the username and password also for other remote apps from the same remote desktop services farm.

  • Stay healthy with Azure Active Directory
    Microsoft Azure Active Directory platform becomes a more and more complex ecosystem. We want to ensure that MyWorkspace detects any issue of the system to inform you instantly. The Azure Active Directory connector in MyWorkspace executes a deep health check for now. This means all required operations will be checked every night and if a single operation is broken MyWorkspace will notify the responsible people. This will help you to keep your business continuously running.

It has been crafted to reflect what our users told us they need and it also builds upon new technology capable of addressing future needs.

Interested in the new capabilities?
Try the new features today by simply logging into your MyWorkspace instance. All features are active and usable instantly.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our ideas portal, check out our knowledge base or drop a mail to support@matrix42.com.

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