Weekly Feature Update – CW21/2016

The MyWorkspace team is pleased to announce the launch of the following new features and platform changes:

  • Remote Desktop Gateway – revised version management
    During the last projects we learned a lot about deploying remote desktop gateways in complex infrastructures. Also for this we want to follow our philosophy that the enterprise administrator decides about the version and not we. Because of that we revised the management command line tool for the Matrix42 Remote Desktop Gateway. It’s now possible to switch between different versions manually. Check out our knowledge base for further information here. We will use this feature in the future to give customers access to early non stable versions as well.
  • Updated Windows 10 Agent  
    Our Windows 10 Agent can be used now with all important browsers, currently these are Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari on Mac and Firefox. Please visit the Clients & Extensions page to download the latest and greatest version.

It has been crafted to reflect what our users told us they need and it also builds upon new technology capable of addressing future needs.

Interested in the new capabilities?
Try the new features today by simply logging into your MyWorkspace instance. All features are active and usable instantly.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our ideas portal, check out our knowledge base or drop a mail to support@matrix42.com.

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