Weekly Feature Update – CW20/2016

The MyWorkspace team is pleased to announce the launch of the following new features and platform changes:

  • MyWorkspace Mobile App – Influencer Program
    Also this week we added a couple new features in our M42Mobile app to improve the experience of our mobile end users. Become a part of our influencer program and register right now here for the early bird version of our mobile application.
  • Management of Office 365
    MyWorkspace is now able to get in deep information about your Office 365 tenant. This will help you in the future to automate permissions and optimize your license pool. At the moment we offer this feature for preview customers, feel free to contact us to get a first look.

It has been crafted to reflect what our users told us they need and it also builds upon new technology capable of addressing future needs.

Interested in the new capabilities?
Try the new features today by simply logging into your MyWorkspace instance. All features are active and usable instantly.

Any questions, wishes or ideas? Try our ideas portal, check out our knowledge base or drop a mail to support@matrix42.com.

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